Using Pages中国3d福利彩票今晚一


  • Want a high-level overviewlistingthe data? Add a Table component to the page to records in a spreadsheet-like format. End users can view, search, sort, or filter those records, and add, edit or delete records—all on that one page.
  • Need to give end users a way to view thedetailsof a single record? Create a page with a Form component. Users can view and edit these records.
  • Want a handy way to let end users see both a list of recordsandinteract with individual records? Try creating a page with a List component and a Page Include.

Explore Skuid’s Sample Pages中国3d福利彩票今晚一



  1. Start in Skuid Central, the page you land on when you open Skuid.


  1. ClickExplore to generate the pages in your Skuid instance.
  2. ClickContinue to view the Pages screen and select one of the sample pages by clicking fa-flaskPreview.

The Skuid sample pages中国3d福利彩票今晚一

  • Products: A sample product page complete with editable visualizations and a Table component that updates in real time. (SkuidSample_Products.)
  • Employees: Illustrates Skuid’s visualizationcomponents—Charts and Geocharts—in a human resources page. (SkuidSample_Employees.)
  • Advertisements: Use Skuid’s Deck component to read, write, and save data to a data source in a single screen. (SkuidSample_Advertisements)
  • Master: Displays the Skuid master page used in the other sample pages. SkuidSample_Master.)